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Beefy Bears

Beefy Bears

Watch Beefy Bears now! Like the name says, Beefy Bears has got 9 slabs of hairy beef all sweaty and ready to suck and fuck eachother in every imaginable way in every imaginable place. Directed by David Romero Running Time 94 minutes Release Date September 23, 2014 Details...


Bears with Big Wood

Bears with Big Wood

Watch Bears With Big Wood now! Our newest bear movie Bears with Big Wood 7 hot hairy bears use their big wood to give a good hard pounding to our sexy beefy bear bottoms. These hot sweaty scenes are sure to make you grow hard. Directed by Chris Roma & Walter Romero Running Time: 110 minutes Release date: March 1, 2013 Details...


Furry Fuckers

Furry Fuckers

Hot Deal
Can't wait for the DVD? Watch Furry Fuckers now! Furry Fucker Rocky LaBarre's muscled, fur-covered body is bulging in all the right places in his first Pantheon DVD.
Rocky is one of 8 hot muscle-bears who love to get their hairy bodies nice and sweaty as they fuck the days and nights away.
Furry Fuckers is shot in HD and one of our first true widescreen DVDs so you can get the full measure of these beefy studs going at it the only way men know how.
Released: December 30, 2011
Directed by Walter Romero Running Time 125 min. Details...


Lone Star Bears

Lone Star Bears

Hot Deal
Can't Wait for the DVD? Watch Lone Star Bears now! In our latest hot all-bear movie, Pantheon takes you behind closed doors at the Lone Star Bar, where the bears are friendly and the employees are always ready to please. These five hot scenes feature uber-bear Clint Taylor, in his return to Pantheon after a 3 year break, who runs the show and shows his barbacks and his cum-hungry patrons just what it takes to keep the liquor and juices flowing. At the Lone Star you never know what hot bears you're going to meet! Directed by Chris Roma and Walter Romero Running Time: 133 Minutes Released July 2011 Details...


Bay City Bears

Bay City Bears

Hot Deal
Watch Bay City Bears now! There are a thousand stories in the City by the Bay but none of them as hot and sweaty as those found in our new bear movie, Bay City Bears. Watch in these five hot scenes as new-cummers Bronson Gates, Paxton Hall, Mike Ryder, and Dwaine Anthony join Pantheon favorites Roman Wright, Ford Holland, Ben Martin and Max Ryan. Directed by Chris Roma, Running Time: 105 Minutes Released November 2010 Details...


Bear Slick Silicone Lubricant

Bear Slick Silicone Lubricant

Hot Deal

3.4 fl.oz/100 ml Bear Slick is the best NEW silicone lubricant you can find. Whether you're going to share with a friend or two, or just stroke out a good one on a lazy afternoon, Bear Slick is the right tool for you. Even if you're not a bear, it's formulated for the animal in all of us and it's latex friendly! • long lasting, high-quality lubricant • a few drops is all you need • fragrance free • excellent latex conditioner • dermatologically confirmed skin compatibility • oil-free and non-greasy • no preservatives • safe for daily use Bear Slick: Dick's best friend. Details...


Strokin' Bears

Strokin' Bears

Strokin' Bears is all sold out but you can watch it now at our HOM Theater! Strokin' Bears" is our sixth compilation of solo videos of your favorite models from Pantheon Productions. This video includes 17 solos... 17 masculine men stroking their BEAR DICKS, and showing you how they like to get off. Nearly three hours in bear heaven! Released August 2010, Directed by Chris Roma and Walter Romero Running Time: 163 Minutes Details...
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Bear Plumbing Inc.

Bear Plumbing Inc.

Hot Deal
Watch Bear Plumbing Inc. now! This Pantheon Classic has been Digitally Remastered and is now in high quality true Widescreen. Save $5 now through April 23! Pipe-fitting is Our Specialty. In Bear Plumbing, Inc. seven blue-collar bears use every tool at their disposal to make sure the job gets done right. In these five hot scenes, Bear studs Ford Holland, Rob Thomas, Robert Elephante', Joe Ferrara, Kegan Daniels, Allen Silver and Marco Mazza show what really happens when those plumbers are in your basement or kitchen. Directed by Chris Roma, Running Time: 131 Minutes Released March, 2010 Details...


Bear Stimulus Package XXL

Bear Stimulus Package XXL

Hot Deal
Need even more Daddy Bear relief? Try on this XXL Bear Package for size! Save $70 and choose 4 hot and hairy bear DVDs! Pantheon Bear movies are award winning, high-quality bear porn at it's best. Choose your Stimulus Package from the 11 Bear DVDs below. Details...


Bear Stimulus Package

Bear Stimulus Package

Hot Deal
Save $30 with this bundle! All of our movies feature hot DADDY BEARS, but these are some of our beariest titles! If you like hairy, stocky daddies getting it on with each other (we sure do!) then look no further! Choose your Stimulus Package from the 13 Bear DVDs below. Details...



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Abandon: Hard-Core Director's Cut

All Play and No Work

Amateur Bear Orgy

Amateur Daddy Orgy


Backwoods Bears

Bay City Bears

Bear Oasis

Bear Plumbing Inc.

Bear Season

Bear Slick Silicone Lubricant

Bear Stimulus Package

Bear Stimulus Package XXL

Bear Week: Spain

Bears In Paradise

Bears with Big Wood

Beefcake Daddies

Beefy Bears

Big Dick Daddy Club

Brief Buddies

Brief Encounters

Built to Last

City Of Men

CLASSIC: Make Your Own Bundle (3 Pantheon Classics)

Couples Stimulus Package

Daddies, Bears & Boys

Daddy Chain

Daddy Dreaming

Daddy Flies Solo

Daddy Flies Solo 2

Daddy Flies Solo 3

Daddy Hunt, Volume 1

Daddy Hunt, Volume 2

Daddy Hunt, Volume 3

Daddy Hunt, Volume 4

Daddy Hunt, Volume 5

Daddy's Dick In Hand

Daddy/Boy Stimulus Package

Dads Automotive

Dads of the Southern Wild

Dads vs Boys: Boys on Top

Dads vs Boys: Dads on Top

Down to Business

Dungeons & Daddies

Florida Fuck Fest

Folsom Daddies

Frat Pack, Daddy Hunt Vol. 6

Furry Fuckers

Hancock Alley

Hard Mountain

Heat Wave

Lobo's Bear Gang Bang

Lone Star Bears

Men's Room

Muscle & Fur

Muscle Dads in the Sun

PREMIUM: Make Your Own Bundle (3 NEW DVDs)

Real Couples

Real Couples 2

Real Couples 3

Real Couples 4

REAL MEN, Volume 1

REAL MEN, Volume 2

Rough and Ready

Rough Dads


Sonoma Heat


Strokin' Bears

Suited For Action

Suited for Sex


Adam Aakre

Adam Burr

Adam Collins

Adam Russo


Ale Tedesco

Alessio Romero

Alex Payne


Allen Silver

Allston Parker

Andrew Dale

Andy Mack


Arnie Randolph

Arpad Miklos


Bas van Dijk

Behr Ryder

Ben Archer

Ben Martin

Big Ben Gunn

Bill and David

Bill Hagen

Bill Justeson

Billy Duro

Billy Jackson

Blade Hunter

Blaine Myers and Eduardo Fourzan

Brendan Clarke

Brent V

Brock Packard

Bronson Gates

Bruce Mills


Buddy LaRue


Butch Grand


Cal Hayward

Cameron Kincade

Cameron Stuart

Casey Young

Cayce Nash

Ceasar Calderon


Chad MacMillan

Charles Baker

Charles Rod

Chase Coxxx

Chris Denni

Chris Lee

Christian Matthews

Christian Mitchell

Christian Volt

Chuck Bancroft

Chuck Martin

Clint Christopher

Clint Taylor

Coach Nick

Colin West

Conner Habib

Conrad Morales

Cowboy Larry

Daddy Bruno

Daddy Ric

Dale West


Dan Bennett

Dan Kryczak

Dan Rhodes

Dan Rider

Dane Caroggio

Danny Kane

Danny Lopez

Dark Daddy


Dave Skavo

David Brian

David Mushulom

David Teal


Denny Taylor

Derek Adams


Derik Strong

Derrick Hanson

Derrick Ward

Devon Cade

Dick Ryan

Dick Stabher

Dillon Roy

Dominik August

Drew Vergas

Dusty Wood

Dwaine Anthony

Dylan Parker

Edu Boxer

Erik Hall

Ethan Roberts

Evan Mansfield

Evan Scott

Ford Holland

Francisco Andreas

Geoffery O'Toole

George Glass

Greg Mitchell

Greg Stanton



Harry Wolfe

Hart Caldwell

Hawk McAllister

Hunt Parker

Ike Adams

Ivan Edwards

Jack Austin

Jack Hartford

Jack Holden

Jack Snow

Jack Sullivan

Jackson Rivers


Jake Austin

Jake Corwin

Jake Fine

Jake Gordon

Jake Marshall

Jake Mitchell

Jake Rowe

Jake Shores

Jake Stewart


Jaren Taylor


Jasper Towns

Jay Church

Jay Masters

Jay Taylor

Jayson Starr

JC Carter

Jeff Wells

Jeremy Steel


Jess Benton

Jesse and Mike

Jim Scott

Jimmy Redwood

Joe Brazeau

Joe Ferrara

Joe Sarge

John Walters

Johnny Redwood

Jon Moore

Jordan Garrison

Josh Crew

Josh Edwards

Josh Kole

Justin Christopher

Justin Jameson

Karl Rhodes

Karl Williams

Kegan Daniels

Ken Crox

Ken Foster

Kent Burke

Kevan Koehl


Kody Knight


Lee Edwards

Lee Rivers

Lee Silver

Leif Gobo

Leo Marks

Lobo Al



Manu Maltes

Marc Angelo



Marco Mazza

Marco Rios

Marco Van

Marcos Mitchell

Mark Bishop


Massimo Forte

Matt Denis

Matthew Ford

Matthew Rush

Max Ryan

Michael Burkk

Michael Scott

Mick Edwards

Mickey Collins

Mike Angel

Mike Dreyden

Mike Edmond

Mike Ryder

Mitch Baer

mitch jordan

Mitch Scott

Nate Bruno

Nate Pierce


Nick Forte

Nick Hunter

Nick Moretti

Nik Arbor

Owen Mitchel

Parker Johnson

Patrick "Toby" O'Connor

Patrick Montana

Paul Barbaro

Paul Stag

Paxton Hall

Peter Axel

Randy Lawrence

Ray Stone

Reed Mathews

Ricco Furtado

Rick Wade

Rik Harding

Rik Kappus, Pantheon Exclusive


Rob Lawrence

Rob Mann

Rob Thomas

Robbie Hardt

Robert Black

Robert Elephante

Robert Feldman

Rocky LaBarre

Roman Wright

Ross Wilson

Rouge Status

Rusty G

Rusty McMann


Salvo Max

Sam Dehner

Sam Everett

Sam Rockman

Scott Cardinal

Scott Parker


Sean Williams

Shay Michaels

Spike Daddy

Spike Morrison

Stephen Edwards

Steve "Titpig" Hurley

Steve King

Steve Parker

Steve Trevor

Stewart Scot


T.P. Deaux

Ted and Chris

Ted Baker

Ted Hutchins

The General

Theo Devair

Til Wegman

Tim Kelly

Tim Phillips

Tom Braddock

Tom Dixter

Tommy Deluca

Tony Bishop

Tony Daniels

Tony Greene

Tony Vega

Trey Walker

Truman Hunter

Tye Payne

Tyler Saint

Vince Edwards




Wil Church aka "Cal"

Will Bern

Will Rogers

Will Swagger

Will West

Wolf Getz

Wylie Edwards

Xavier St. Jude

Zak Powers

Zak Spears

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